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I can’t believe we are a third of the way through 2022. The tulips have bloomed and died back, warmer days are just around the corner. I haven’t done a lot of writing due to life being busy but I did quit Twitter, so maybe in the future I will have more time.

Here’s the things I consumed last month:


  • The Kids by Hannah Lowe- Another collection of sonnets. Something about the form means it is flexible for any subject. Here, Hannah Lowe uses the form to talk about children she taught, whilst also reflecting on her own memories and the wider political situation. I read it all in one sitting, wowed by the considered use of form and the love and humanity that shines through in each poem.

  • A Handful of Blue Earth by Venus Khory-Ghata translated by Marilyn Hacker- Three long poems, often surreal and laced through with strange surreal images. I found the section from The Book of Petitions most affecting, but the whole book is great.

  • The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett- This novel has several interweaving narratives, all centered on issues of race or ‘passing’. It is beautifully written, with characters that stay with you and a political angle that is never preachy. I loved how it flowed from one section to the next.

  • This Fruiting Body by Caleb Parkin- Poems that reconsider humanity’s relationship with the natural world, while mourning the destruction we have wrought. For all that, it’s also witty and funny throughout, with more personal poems appearing towards the end. Pairs quite nicely with Entangled Life which I finished last month.


  • Nightmare Alley- What a film. Guillermo Del Toro is at the top of his game with this film noir carnival tale. Everyone in this film gives amazing performances, especially Bradley Cooper who shows large shifts in his character without it seeming unnatural. It’s also a tragedy which is rare now days, building to a shattering conclusion. I loved it.

  • The Adam Project- Ryan Reynolds in a time traveling fluff film. It’s funny, with a good concept and breezes along quite well yet doesn’t do a lot with the initial promise. The villain is just evil for the sake of it and it doesn’t really go anywhere with the story. An undercurrent of regret and sadness saves it from being too forgettable.

  • The Sparks Brothers- I knew nothing about Sparks going in and this documentary is the perfect introduction. I loved how they didn’t take themselves too seriously yet still strived to make art for decades. It’s a love letter to the band, full of animation and gags throughout. I’ve listened to Sparks a lot since watching this documentary and have had a great time.


TV Shows

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 5- Much stronger than the patchy and cheap season four. This season fully dives into unique and bizarre mythology and it works. It’s also decidedly more adult than other seasons, not in terms of violence or language but in the tragedy and trauma that permeates the action. It even tries to redeem Xander! (Spike is still terrible though.) I think I’m at the point where I started watching when I was a kid, although my memories are fuzzy.

  • Superstore Season 3- This is still a very enjoyable ensemble comedy, although it leans a little too heavily on the will they/ won’t they trope.

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2- Not as good as the first season. In my opinion, there’s too much whimsy and not enough focus on the main story, with episodes dedicated to irrelevant details. The later half is better as it actually focuses on stand up comedy, but it gets distracted in the start.

That’s it for this month. As I’m no longer on Twitter I might try to post a few more things up here. Pretend its the early 2000’s for a little bit.



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