I've kept a journal/ diary throughout my life, but consistently since I was 25. I find it invaluable as a tool to reflect on each day as it passes and figure out how I'm feeling.

Recently, I've been using Lynda Barry's observation journal method, suggested by Kathleen Jennings.

I've also added in questions I found from Struthless:

1. What excited me?
2. What drained me of energy?
3. What did I learn?

– Campbell Walker, aka Struthless

(It's worth checking out his videos, especially this one which highlights some of the reasons and ways to approach journaling)

I might ask myself some questions for self reflection in order to prompt a response.

I love the diary because it knows itself to be a minor form; it isn’t trying to be anything but. It isn’t constructed, like a memoir; it is life as it happens.

Notes on craft-- Lauren Elkin

My planners, I know, will lie on the shelf where I have placed them, containing exactly what they contain, the concrete evidence of my hours, the things I did and the things I didn't do, tallied

How To Plan For The Worst Day Of Your Life- Helen Phillips

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