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I’ve been really busy this month with all good things. I went to three music festivals, canoed down the Thames and generally had lots of good times.. But in between playing Pokemon Go, there’s been a few articles and things that are worth reading:

  • The ever reliable Leo Babuta with some writing advice. It’s advice from more of a mindfulness perspective. This is particularly helpful advice i feel:

    Anyone can write, and everyone should. You don’t have to be James Joyce to write. Even if you never want to be a pro, you can write in a journal every day, or write letters to a loved one (and send them or not). You don’t have to be polished. And it’s a great practice, to learn to focus and overcome fears and procrastination, and learn to allow the words to flow from the mind.

I don’t write every day, as I take the weekends off. Even writing in a journal every week day has been incredibly useful.

  • More writing advice, this time in a reply to a fan from Alan Moore

“I think that one of the most important things for any artist or writer is that they should always be progressing and trying new things, because that is what will keep your work feeling fresh and lively to your readers even after twenty or thirty years. Yes, it means that you have to work harder, and to think harder, and to generally keep pushing yourself and testing your limits, but in my opinion the results are definitely worth it.”

  • George Sanders [reflects]http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1994/01/10/e-mail-from-bill) on his education and how it shaped his writing:

    “To say that “a light goes on” is not quite right—it’s more like: a fixture gets installed. Only many years later … will the light go on.”

I need to read more of his short stories, because the ones I have read are really special. He has a essential humanity and kindness to his outlook, and the article above is a good example of that.

  • Maggie Smith’s poem has apparently gone viral and it is brilliant. I stumbled on it on Tumblr and thought it too good not to share.

  • Related to the above, this is a beautiful guide on how to read poetry.

That’s it for now. Have a good month!

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