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“I know how this goes!” I say to no-one
as light starts to intensify, obliterating
all detail. Trees will become indistinct
shapes in the mist, never coalescing
into objects. The grass will flicker
with blue fire sparks, but that will
be the least of my problems. Walls,
so dependable and solid, will become
transparent as the hungry light feeds.

“Bring it on!” I will shout towards the
rapidly dissolving sky. “So predictable!
You’re not even trying!” I will scream
as the outline of my body transforms
into scattered pencil smudges, as my
carbon is disassembled, as I become
the cyclone. “C minus!!” I will shout,
“Unlucky, try a lot harder next time!”

Prompt was the first line “I know how this goes…” from Apples and Snakes. They are also doing some great readings over on their youtube channel, so check those out.



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