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When the ice caps finally melted,
flooding the globe one hot summer,
consuming many major cities,
We were caught ignorant and unaware.

It had been foretold and predicted
by scientists all over the world
for long, fruitless decades.
We would not listen to their stories.

Many millions of mouths opened wide
not understanding the approaching wave
then filled too quickly with water.
They sank into the icy darkness.

Those that remained grew gills,
webbed fingers and toes overnight
remembered how to swim at depths.
We began again in submerged streets.

There were only islands left above,
the summits of some mountains
bravely emerging from the brine.
We stayed in the sea with all we knew.

Now there is no returning to land,
no wind whispering wisdom to us,
no fields of grass or gentle clouds.
Together, we dream of sunlight.



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