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I’ll finally tidy up this place and keep it neat. It’s too dark! Too many cobwebs and not enough flaming torches. I’ll stop leaving tomes half opened on the lectern. Need to keep my ingredients in order. I can never find salamander’s tails when I need them. Similarly, I will stop leaving half-finished potions around the place. The number of times I’ve been interrupted then come back to find the laboratory filled with a putrid purple smoke, I tell you… It’s not good. I’m four hundred and seventy-two, I need to start clearing up after myself.

Once I tidy up, I will also finally investigate the strange portal in the corner of my laboratory and not just keep covering it up with a shawl. I’m sure it doesn’t lead to a good place. It’s been there for years, just buzzing like a disturbed hive of bees and glowing red occasionally.

On that note, this will be the year I finally empty the snake pit. It’s been too long and the bones are really piling up. I think the snakes may have joined together and formed a super snake.
Note- look up a spell of unbinding before I do this.

I resolve to be better. To start exercising and stop wasting time on irrelevant incantations. Focus! Maybe get back to transmuting? I know it didn’t work the first few hundred (thousand?) times but I’m sure I can turn lead into gold this time.

I’ll finally conjure some better guards. These zombies are fine, but they don’t move very fast and I’ve had them for ages. Bits of them are falling off. It’s unseemly. Also, when I’m out in nearby villages I’m not sure they do a lot. They should be protecting my spells and precious items from marauding adventurers.

I should explore more. See more of this world. I should appreciate each village I travel to. Maybe spend a couple of days soaking up the atmosphere, drinking in the local taverns, really getting to know people before revealing my true power and burning it all down.

Maybe I can learn guitar? Not everything has to be done for nefarious purposes. Some things can just be fun!

*Inspired by a prompt from **Tim Clare’s newsletter. *



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