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I’m currently in the business of moving across the country. I’m packing up my whole life into boxes. Every time I move I forget how all consuming and stressful it is. Foolishly, I thought I could carry on writing this blog whilst I was moving. Clearly, I was wrong. I’ve had no time to write at all. Life has got in the way.

So I’m taking a break from this blog for a bit. I need to focus on moving and then finding a job. It will have to go on the back burner.

I’ve also made very little progress on my next books. Words per day have slowed to a trickle. So I need to focus on them if I am going to make any progress whatsoever. This isn’t just a short term thing but has been evident in the last few months. I’m a little burnt out with all my writing projects at the moment, so that’s another reason to put this blog on hold.

Since I got serious about writing, three years or so ago, I’ve felt a constant pressure to produce more. I want the works in progress to be done now. I want to constantly be producing new books and material. The problem with this way of thinking is that it becomes exhausting after a while. Other people may be able to keep it up but I need to take a break for a bit and reset my thinking.

I will still be sending out my newsletter and posting blackout poems on Instagram in the meantime.

I’ll be back here soonish, but for now I’m pressing pause.