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This is the third story in a series I’m publishing monthly throughout 2020. More details here.

CW: Gun violence

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Subject: What are you up to?

Hey, hope you’re not going too mad on the eleventh floor!

Just seen this- What crazy things are you up to up there with the nano-bots? Growing a new Prime Minister? LOL


H x


Okay, everyone listen up. I’m about to drop some truth bombs like I do every week. Boom! Like that! See the thing about bombs is they hurt. Everything I say might just blow your mind. So strap yourself in, because this might not be pleasant but it is necessary. Welcome to another episode of Truth Bombs!

I’m your host, Robin Hood. I can’t reveal my face or my real name because they don’t want the truth to get out. They are more powerful than you would ever believe. I’m risking my life. If they find me, they’ll disappear me. Or feed me radioactive isotopes in their tea. Cut out my liver. Anything.

So, let's start at the start. A good place to start right? Course it is.

Let’s connect some dots. Right. March of this year, there was a sudden loud sound around Euston. So far, so easy right? Loud noises happen all the time, especially in a big city like London. People even get used to terrorist attacks, but that’s a subject for another time.

This wasn’t a car battery exploding, a drone failing or even a gunshot. This was a sudden, electrical buzz. Some witnesses described it as a lightning strike. The only problem was, it was a clear sunny day. Hard to believe in London, but it happens maybe twice a year.

Weird right? Sudden noise like that, out of nowhere. But I know what you’re thinking- Mr Hood, there must be a logical explanation. Well, first, my name is Robin Hood, not Mr. Titles are used to control the population, see my other video. And maybe there is an easy explanation. But as we all know, the world rarely works like our stories. The explanation is often weirder than we might think.

Ready to go deeper? Let's go.

There were multiple witnesses. Of course there was, busy city like London. There are fifteen million people roaming there, someone’s going to hear it eventually. They posted about it online. Of course they did.

Within an hour all of their social media posts had disappeared. All of them. The only record we have are screen-shots that pop up if you know where to look.

Seems suspicious right? Why would the posts be deleted if there was nothing to hide? Follow that question. It will help you through all the lies and disinformation.

Immediately after ‘The Bolt', there was a cordon. A huge radius of streets were sealed off by the authorities. I’m talking all the way down to the British Museum, all the way up to Mornington Crescent tube. From the edge of St. Pancras to Great Portland tube. Huge radius. Huge. If you don’t believe me, go look at a map. That radius includes four major tube stations and Euston station itself, one of the busiest train stations in London. In the country. The logistics are mind-boggling.

Let’s be clear, this was way bigger than your normal police cordon. Reputable experts have examined the tactics and called them ‘excessive.’ That’s not my word. That’s the experts. Remember that.

I’m just telling you a story. Because no-one else will.

This was a huge operation. I’m talking half the Met out in force. Streets sealed off, tape everywhere, buildings evacuated or on lockdown. Helicopters overhead but only police ones. News copters weren’t allowed to fly. Drones? Forget about it. They were shot down on sight. You see the mechanism of the fascist state swing into control. Scary stuff.

Whatever was happening in that cordon, they clearly didn’t want anyone, and I mean anyone, to see it. Mum’s the word.

So. Let’s lay it out so far. You have a huge electrical sound. A ‘bolt’. Then a large cordon. Excessively large in fact. I mean, this is pretty crazy right? You might be asking yourself, but Robin, why have I not heard about this?

Good question. Why haven’t you heard about it until now?

Within three minutes, there was a media blackout. Totally shut down, everywhere. Sure, if you were glued to the rolling channels you might have seen a brief reference to an ‘incident’ in the capital or a camera being shut down. Most people would have passed it off as a glitch. You would likely have forgotten about it, passed it off as just one of those things.

So what about those people on the ground, Robin? Why didn’t they say anything? Another good question.

One of the tactics the Met uses in situations like this is to deploy signal-jammers. No signal on any phone. No WiFi. No Bluetooth. Any signal of any sort just doesn’t work. It basically works like a dome over the whole area. People put it down it a fault in the network, but it’s deliberate. It meant that no-one could broadcast audio or video or anything. Cut people off.

Just a little side note, but guess who makes the signal jammers for the Met? One guess.  I can hear all you loyal viewers out there saying, we know Hood, who know exactly who the bastards are. For all you new viewers, it’s an old favourite here at Truth Bombs, the one, the only Phaethon Labs! Everyone’s favourite company that props up dictatorships, big supplies to the fascist state and researcher of sinister new technologies you can’t even dream of -Phaethon! Go see my other videos for more information.

Where was I? Oh right. So you have a major incident on the streets of the London but zero media coverage. The headlines the next day are telling. The Times talks about border security, The Guardian talks about the government in chaos, The Sun talks about some football player who has disgraced themselves. Blah blah blah. Business as usual. Anything to avoid talking about The Bolt. No-one is talking about it. No-one. You’re naive if you think we don’t have censorship in this country. You’re probably thinking to yourself that Robin Hood’s lost the plot. Well, strap yourself in.

For ten days after The Bolt, the Prime Minister went missing. Ten whole days! Seems unbelievable, really, that the leader of the country vanished for so long. But there were no major scandals for once. There were the usual civil wars, floods and attacks in other countries, but the Prime Minister just put out written statements. It’s not like they can be faked.

Sure, the Prime Minister could have been on an official visit, but there was nothing scheduled. No footage of her shaking hands. Nothing.

You may be confused how exactly you missed this. I was for a long time. The day after ‘The Bolt’, The Daily Mail launched a campaign exposing dodgy practises in supermarkets all over the country. Mis-selling meat, deals that were too good to be true and fake food, that sort of thing. As planned, it got picked up by the major news channels then spread like wildfire. For those ten days, it was everywhere. Then it sort of fizzled out. No-one got prosecuted at the supermarkets. They didn’t actually do anything other than apologise and promise to change. Then it was on to the next scandal. The wheel spins on.

The media is very good at commanding attention, but you have to ask yourself, what is it distracting me from? See my other video on the media as a tool for the secret government that controls the world.

When the Prime Minister eventually showed herself, days later, she seemed confused. In her first press conference, she blinked rapidly and said ‘Ummm...’ for a long time before answering the first question. It was a softball from a friendly channel, asking her the views on the supermarket crisis. Easy, right? Read the prepared statement, condemn them but not too harshly so you don’t lose their support. Politics 101. So why did she stumble? What happened to her usual calm manner? Throughout that whole press conference she seemed confused and disorientated. You can go back and watch it. She didn’t seem to know where she was or even who she was. It led some broadcasters to speculate she was on drugs. She was a meme within minutes.

So that’s the chain of events. Just laying it out for you. A loud noise like electricity. A cordon in central London. A media blackout. The Prime Minister vanishing for ten days. A trumped up scandal. The reappearance of the PM, dazed and confused.

Those are the events. Could be nothing at all! Most people would just dismiss them as coincidence. But I am not most people. I will not offer you a comforting lie when the truth is out there to be discovered. Brace yourself. The Truth Bomb is about to drop. Turn this off if you if you think you can't handle it. Go on. I’ll wait.

Still here? Let’s go then.

We have to go back to our favourite sinister mega corporation. That’s right, it’s Phaethon labs. Specialists in weapons manufacture and experimental technologies. There’s probably some sectors they work in that we don’t even know about. They are hugely powerful and influential.

You need to know a bit about their structure. The way they work is relentless competition. Teams are split and then pitted against each other. Secret units that don’t really now what the other half is doing. Then two units would be challenged to make the smallest robots they can. They’d work on it for a couple of months in secret, then present their results. The smallest one in the timescale wins. Usually there’s no prize at stake, only pride. But it gets vicious. The two teams seal themselves away, ignore the other people and the outside world. Then after it’s done, both teams are shuffled into the organisation again, assigned to different labs almost at random. Then you run another experiment and ask people to build a human finger nail from scratch or some-such.

The people involved don’t think too much about it after it’s all done. That finger nail, crazy right? Then everyone would laugh and get a beer and forget about it. Thing is, if you do this enough times with enough teams, the company has the knowledge to create nanobots that can create organic material. Tiny robots, smaller than dust. Robots that can work together to create a human.

Whoa there, stay with me! I see you’re freaking out there. It’s fantasy, you’re saying. It was. Once upon a time. But here’s some more truth:

We sequenced the human genome in 2000. Dolly the sheep followed a year after, the first clone. Since then, labs like Phaethon have been working in secret to alter the growing process. Increase the speed. Ironing out any glitches. Once it’s done once, it’s just a matter of refining it.

They set people in competition against each other so they never see the whole. Humans are so easily distracted by a challenge. Or a scandal.

So here’s how I see it. Stay with me.

There's a rogue Phaethon employee with an axe to grind- maybe they got demoted or maybe they found out what sort of employer they were working for- they steal a weapon. Highly experimental. Highly unstable. For some reason, they are against the government. They follow the PM around London. PM gets out of her car. So does this employee. Aims the new weapon. Security don’t recognise it for a moment, but that moment is too late. It charges for a moment. BzzzzZzZZ, rising in pitch. Then they pull the trigger. ZAAAAPPPPP! Hits the PM. Evaporates her really. There’s nothing left, just a charred piece of pavement.

There’s panic. No-one knows what to do. They just saw the leader of the country erased from existence in a blink of an eye. Maybe the employee escapes in the confusion. Probably not. The Met likely jumps on them immediately. Anyway, their part in this saga is done.

The police shut the area down. Block the signals. Someone is informed in the government. COBRA meet almost immediately. It’s tricky. Phaethon are very useful to the government. They have the major military contracts, the police contracts. Almost all weapons and technology are supplied by Phaethon. The government don’t want to lose a key supplier. So they bring the Phaethon CEO into the COBRA meeting.

They also have to avoid panic. Keep the country going. Keep calm, carry on, stiff upper lip and all that bullshit.

So it’s very sad and very shocking for a while, but for the CEO of Phaethon, it’s the perfect chance. Companies work to exploit opportunities, not to be human. So he sees his chance. It’s a time to try an experimental new technology. They name their price, the government agrees, so they get to work.

Using tiny nanobots, they grow a new Prime Minister. Construct her out of organic compounds. At most, this takes a couple of days. Remember, they have had a lot of time to refine the process. It’s slick and fast. They grow a clone of the Prime Minister. Then they spend a couple of days teaching it language, basic motor skills etc. Just download it straight to it's brain. Easy.

That’s why she was so dazed and confused in that conference. She was a newborn, blinking in the strange new sunlight, placed in an unfamiliar situation. She was like all of us, lost and confused in a world she barely understands. Struggling to find her place in the world.

The Prime Minister was killed on May 11th. The one we see now is a clone. That’s that.

This may sound outrageous, but look at the facts. Phaethon have documented research into nanobots. What else would they do? Why else would there be confusion and distraction? Why the bolt noise? Where did the Prime Minister go?

Boom. Truth bomb dropped.

Of course, I could just be crazy. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Robin Hood here, stealing truth from the powerful and giving them to the masses. Until the next time.

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Peace out.

To: holliec@Phaethonlaboratories.com

From: Jamilm@Phaethonlaboratories.com

Subject: RE: What are you up to?

OH MY GOD! That is amazing. I’m going to show it everyone up here, they will really get a kick out of that.

Growing a new Prime Minister? I wish. We can barely get the nanobots to create a small scrap of plastic, let alone a whole person. They’re a waste of time tbh.

We still good for drinks tomorrow?


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