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This website’s domain is my name, it’s my face on the front and I type the words. It lives to promote my work and is essentially a a massive ego trip. But I saw this tweet the other day:

🌟 A challenge 🌟

Who will start a blog or website and feature a writer a month and also post their own work and photos?

Promote yourself and other writers at the same time. Maybe you’ll start an online mag (start small and keep it manageable) 🖊 💻 #gauntlet thrown down

Black Bough Poetry / Barddoniaeth Y Gangen Ddu @blackboughpoems1

It rekindled an idea I had before- add in guest authors to write the occasional blog post. Promote other voices, not just my own. Make this website more of a conversation and less of a monologue. A bit of messing around with the back end and voila, I can add in other people. They will be clearly marked and should have a bio. If there’s no author mentioned, assume its from me.

So from now, once a month, I’m going to try to feature other people’s work. I’ve got no real preference for what it will be- a poem, a blogpost about writing methods, a rant, an image. Anything creative really.2 If you would like to have your work featured here, email me.

  1. They are a fantastic press that do a lot to promote other authors. 

  2. Shouldn’t need saying, but no hate speech. 



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